Shadow priest azerite traits pvp

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Shadow priest azerite traits pvp

Have a mage and a hunter already. Mage is fun but suffers from some of the same issues as a lock as listed below. Any help would be appreciated. Stick to your lock. The benefit of Locks is well known.

Finding groups is more about community perception of your class, than it is about reality. People like summons and cookies, no one cares about Fort and dispels. Damage: Geared spriests are decent, but so are geared locks. For really high mythic keys the only meta is melee stacking anyways, so any caster is a bad choice. Stick with the Lock imo - then invite Spriests to your group. I disagree.

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Shadow priest are way better for mythic plus than locks. They are up there as one of the best casters. Fire mage, ele shammy and s priests are in a good spot for pve.

Locks are good for raids but good luck on mythic plus if its not your key. Mobility is a tricky thing. Shadow is both very mobile and horribly slow. We can move very well while dpsing pveespecially during boss fights because void bolt is instant cast. Mind you, this is mostly at normal run speed occasionally boosted by body and soul. But shadow is NOT good at moving from one place to another quickly. No blink, leaps, teleports or sustained movement boosts.

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So trying to keep up with that warrior tank can be quite annoying. Our utility is ok but not enough for groups to look for specifically.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account?

shadow priest azerite traits pvp

Register Now. Recent Blue Posts Yesterday. Recent Forum Posts PM. Best Azerite Traits? Thread: Shadow Priest 8. Shadow Priest 8.

Get Started: Shadow Priest PvP Talents, Azerite Traits, Stats, Damage and More! 8.0.1

I know that there is a lot of concerning about how is the SP right now. It's quite impossible to compare to other classes, and we still waiting for some important changes on 8. Anyway, we should still doing our best :P.

Have someone started to give it a try already and test which traits give us the best benefit? Reply With Quote. In my opinion, and judging from those I've seen, I'd say that : - Chorus of Insanity When Voidform ends, gain 4 critical strike for each stack of Voidform.


This effect decays every 1 sec. When an enemy dies while afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain, you gain 5 Insanity. I have one part on my char right now, and it's an additional damage to SWP. Regarding "all-spec" passives, I'd say all those haste-focused are nice.

But that will need to be simmed I guess lots of "proc damage", no idea what the proc chances are nor their damage. Last edited by Ophenia; at AM. It looks that Icy veins just updated their Simulationcraft but it's based on raid iLvL: i.

Im new as forum user. I think that Chorus of Insanity still looking really interesting right now that our crit and haste are crap with the current stats. Also, someone have test if the effect stacks? Idk, just an idea, I still being a believer that someday StM will be balanced and usefull in some scenarios xD. Spiteful Apparitions It has impact on my DPS Originally Posted by Durdin.

Last edited by Angrie; at PM. Last edited by Nokami; at PM. Death Throes seems pretty potent, if you stack it 3 times SW: P damage is more than doubled. Seems to be good for multidot situations. Originally Posted by Nokami. Proudmoore4AllianceLeader ImwithHer Pretty sad that the best traits for shadow are not even the "shadowpriest traits". Thunderstorm and Daggers are available for everyone i think.

For example rogues best trait is actually a "rogue specc" trait and not some universal thunderstorm or whatever. Maybe some shadow traits need a small buff to be more relevant. FOr example the "voidbolt buffs mindblast" traits duration is too short imo.Forgot your password? This page contains rankings of Azerite traits and advice on which traits to choose for a Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Patch 8. Prior to using the traits, you will need to obtain the Heart of Azerothwhich you can find more information on in our Heart of Azeroth guide.

For more information about how the Essence system introduced in Patch 8. Most of the time, you will want to wear the piece of Azerite gear that has the highest item level for you.

If you have two pieces of Azerite gear that have the same item level, then it is important to look at what Outer Ring traits they have. As a rule of thumb, the extra Intellect from the higher item level gear will make up for the difference between the traits. Most of the generic Outer Ring traits are pretty good for Shadow, but some of our spec-specific Outer Ring traits are situational or flat out bad.

In the case that you are comparing a mediocre trait to a really good one, the decision of what piece of Azerite gear to wear can go beyond just the item level of the gear and in that situation it can be hard to figure out which is better without simulating your character using either Raidbots or Magicsim. It is worth noting that if the difference between the traits is very small, then the higher item level pick will be more desirable.

Azerite pieces have a high amount of Stamina, increasing your maximum health. This can make a noticeable difference in your survivability overall. The following sections will talk about the strength of our best traits and also the use cases for more situational traits. Note that we have below to help you compare all the relevant traits.

In Patch 8. This trait is generally a decent pickup in the new raid and has no downside to worry about. That being said, Shadow Priests have great options for Azerite Traits in the raid that will generally lead to us not using Heart of Darkness. These are the most powerful traits on your Azerite gear and will be the primary way to decide what piece of Azerite you should wear when they have the same item level. Chorus of Insanity is our best trait by a significant margin, for no other reason than it gives you a lot of Critical Strike.

This trait performs well in practically any situation, with it only losing value whenever you have downtime which causes your stacks to fall off. This trait can make up for a lot of item level depending on what trait you are comparing it to, so whenever you see Chorus of Insanity on your Azerite gear it is recommended to look at the rankings below or simulate your own character. Spiteful Apparitions is our second best spec-specific trait and it also does well in almost any situation, outside of situations where targets live for a really short amount of time.

This is due to the fact that Auspicious Spirits scales with the damage of Spiteful Apparitions. This means that regardless of the level 75 talent you pick, the damage that Spiteful Apparitions provides is about equal. Whispers of the Damned is our third best spec-specific trait and certainly merits being used at least for one of our Azerite Traits.

The additional insanity generation from this trait is enough to sustain you a few extra stacks in Voidformwhile also making it a bit faster on average getting back into Voidform.

The damage increase to Mind Blast or Shadow Word: Void if you have taken this talent is also a nice benefit. Blightborne Infusion is one of the generic traits that is really strong in all situations because of how much Shadow likes Critical Strike as a stat. The only downside to this trait is how relatively uncommon it is on Azerite Gear. Death Throes and Searing Dialogue are both traits that perform very well in dungeons, or any time there is AoE.

Thought Harvester will situationally be good for dungeon content, as the proc that increases Mind Sear damage can provide you with some burst AoE damage if it procs at the right time.

Shadow Priest PvP Azerite Traits and Essences (BfA / Patch 8.3)

Middle Ring traits have a lesser impact on your DPS and they are all fairly close to one another. They are therefore not that likely to impact your decision of what piece of Azerite gear to wear. Overwhelming Power has the highest damage potential of all the Middle Ring traits, but has the downside of losing a stack whenever you take damage. This trait is extremely desirable, and often worth targeting for all types of content on your Shadow Priest. Heed My Call is a pretty good single-target trait which has an AoE component to it as well albeit with a small range.Fortress of the Mind : Close to Shadow Word: Void in value, however, Shadow Word: Void works better for movement and the extra charge feels better to play with.

This talent also feels better to play with on cleave as the globals are more impactful while multi dotting. Shadowy Insight : Overall ranked lower than anything else. Shadow Word: Void : Great for single target situations and works better for movement because of the charge system. It also works great on cleave because of the charge system. Body and Soul : Your only real movement ability. Without this your only other movement option is Dispersionwhich is a personal CD and should not be used for movement reasons.

San'layn : Drastically increases your healing. This works extremely well in 5 man content. The heal is nice but the biggest part is the CD reduction. On fights with frequently high damage taken and no mobility needed this talent will shine. The heal is not that great as there tends to be high amounts of healing going out anyway if you need to pop this, simply causing unnecessary over-healing.

Twist of Fate : The execute talent, strong single target with some uses on cleave. Can sometimes be gained by critters being in boss rooms. Examples being Fetid Devourer and Mekkatorque. Misery : Very strong for spread out dotting. Although a fight like conclave would give you strong uptime on Twist of Fatethe amount of globals it would take for you to do all raptors is too much and Misery pulls ahead.

Dark Void : A decent nuke, not bad on single target even. Great for stacked AoE and generating a large amount of insanity. Last Word : Chosen if you need more interrupts. Mind Bomb : Never really useful in raids, there are better AoE stuns out and often does not work on the boss since it's a magic effect.

Psychic Horror : Single target stun, nice and effective. Can be used on a couple of fights this tier. Think Conclave raptors, Mekkatorque bots or even a specific add on Opulence. Auspicious Spirits : Default talent for all situations. Shadow Word: Death : Execute spell, high damage and good regeneration. However, even on execute needed fights because of the traits and secondary stats the talent feels almost not worth it anymore compared to Auspicious Spirits.

Lingering Insanity : Overall a strong choice. Scales well and does great with Chorus of Insanity. Whenever you leave Voidform you maintain a huge amount of total stats. This talent does suffer from downtime but no real fight seems to have too many issues with that so far.

Mindbender : Lower CD pet, always a solid choice but generally just worse than its counterpart Lingering Insanity. Void Torrent : Is just weaker, Mindbender has the exact same purpose but just performs better than Void Torrent.

Scales well with secondary stats and performs better than the other talents.

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Dark Ascension : Overall a bit weaker than legacy, requires a more thought through gameplay. Biggest upside would be AoE burst, but never seems really needed. Bloodlust is quite important for the talent.I actually just noticed that on test dummies. Take off any spiteful traits. Now use AS. Reason its doing less than other talents is the 3 azerite traits are nerfed while using that talen t. So the only thing you should think of is the extra damage and 20 insanity from shadow crash versus how many targets there are to generate 2 insanity from using auspicious.

Not bugged, just extremely sloppy design choices. They need to design azerite traits around talents, basically. Give spiteful apparitions a value that assumes Auspicious Spirits is taken. If other two talents are necessary, then just consider it a bad trait. If Spiteful Apparitions are necessary, consider other two bad talents. Agreed, the design philosophy is bad and it is the poorest designed tier for Shadow Priests.

It will start out an expansion as the weakest option and then once haste and start to go parabolic is becomes the best choice period. This is probably why AMR only has me using 1 spiteful. I imagine the DR kicks in with more than 1.

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Auspicious spirits bug in pvp? Classes Priest. Is it just me or does this talent only generate insanity but not add any dmg in pvp situations? Someone did a video on this issue. I think his name is anboni or something.

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Not bugged, just extremely sloppy design choices They need to design azerite traits around talents, basically. Stacking traits in PvP makes the 2nd stack half as effective.The gates open. The opponent team swarms me in seconds and focuses me with stuns and bursts, and I hardly get to apply my DOTs. I use my defensive CDs which only keeps me alive for max 20secs longer. I die. My teammate dies…. That one advice that makes me able to use my beloved Priest in PvP?

Meaning in arena they need a healer, but in Open World PvP they can go 1v1 against other classes without struggling in the same way or needing backup? Death throes is really important. But it is significantly better than without. Thank you for the replies It helps me decide whether to continue with Shadow or not.

shadow priest azerite traits pvp

Even with low ilvl partners, I manage to win, just because they go for him. But this should be OK for any other class, but I play only shadow.

Shadow Priest DPS Azerite Traits/Powers and Armor — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

We are trash at the moment, even more than previous season, because nerfs are too much, because of PvE. The traits, necks and coruption can be good for DPS, but this will not fix our mobility or utilities issues. We are so easy to get shutdown to not cast and usualy in 3vs3, keep healer CCed till you as shadow get down. We need some love in PvP, but will not get it this expansion.

shadow priest azerite traits pvp

In BGs can be fun, but less fun, than before. Shadow priest is good 1v1, but you have to play it properly. We have a single target build with only instant spells that works like a charm. I can easily win 1v2 in worldpvp and bgs if that couple is not composed by a DH. I recommend watching Anboni videos on YouTube or Twitch.Forgot your password? Azerite Traits and Essences, introduced in Battle for Azeroth, need to be chosen correctly, to ensure optimal performance. On this page, we explain how to pick your major and minor essences and which traits are best.

Essences allow players to customize their characters while adding a new ability to use. For a general guide to all the essences, as well as how to obtain them and increase their ranks, check out our Essence guide. Before reading this page, you should have a good understanding of the PvP playstyle of a Shadow Priest.

Shadow Priest

So we advise you to read our dedicated page on the subject. Conflict and Strife not only helps with survivability by granting you additional Versatility, it also gives you the ability Void Shift as a baseline ability. This is by far the best Major Essence to use when playing a Shadow Priest. Memory of Lucid Dreams gives you the power Lucid Dreams.

This gives your spells and abilities a chance to refund Insanity you used and heal you. This is great for increasing your damage, as you will frequently be refunded Insanity throughout a match.

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Conflict and Strife gives you the Minor Power, Strife. Because you will likely be the primary target for most teams, the Versatility you gain from it will significantly increase your survivability and damage output. Breath of the Dying grants the minor ability Lethal Strikes.

This will increase your overall damage output and also help with your survivability. The Crucible of Flame minor gives you abilities a chance to put a DoT on the enemy you damaged. This is great for increasing your overall damage output. Azerite traits are unlocked in you helm, shoulders and chest.

With each Azerite level in your neck, you get closer to unlocking the center trait in your gear. These traits vary from increasing damage or healing of certain abilities to helping increase your survivability. Depending on what traits you use, it can completely alter your playstyle and what talents you should be using.

shadow priest azerite traits pvp

For more information about Azerite traits and your Heart of Azeroth, please refer to our dedicated guide. There is one trait that you are going to want in all pieces of your Azerite gear and it is Death Throes.

This will drastically increase your spread pressure.


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